Sunday, October 23, 2016

Well that's a first!

 Is this something you see often in your city or town? This was a first for me. On my many trips into the city I've never come across religious placard carrying before.. it was a Sunday so that might explain it :) There was no argy-bargy, no forcing his opinion, he didn't try to converse, just strolled around quietly with his sign.. personally I prefer to have my camera in my hand but each to their own right :) Happy Sunday, take care and stay safe..


Saturday, October 22, 2016

Exploring the Gandhi within.. 'Mahatma in me'..

'There is a sufficiency in the world for man's needs
but not for man's greed'... Mahatma Gandhi.
This beautifully reflective artwork created in stainless steel is the work of one of India's leading creative artists Vibhor Sogani and is part of the Borderless Gandhi Exhibition titled 'Mahatma in me'. Picking up and reflecting the surrounding colours of Elizabeth Quay it took me only a second to see Gandhi's profile but once locked in it was clear, each piece skillfully executed.. 

The exhibition runs until the 2nd of November, definitely worth a visit. For someone who bagged Elizabeth Quay for most of it's construction, I'm sure getting my money's worth now.. don't hold it against me, the 'hat eating' picture is coming up any day now :) Happy weekend, take care and stay safe...

Friday, October 21, 2016

A belluva view!

The Bell Tower, a finalist in the tourism awards, (category1, major tourist attraction and cat.6, cultural tourism) sponsored by the National Trust of WA was also open as part of Perth Heritage Days 2016 last weekend and was free to visitors without height issues, of which there were many as you can see above :) I took these shots with my long lens from....

... the other side of the harbour! It's not that long ago since I took in the view from atop the bell tower and as Elizabeth Quay progresses I will go up again and take more shots.. no need to step out of my comfort zone (acrophobia) too often right :) Happy Friday, take care and stay safe...

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Perth Heritage Days 2016.. His Majesty's Theatre.

 His Majesty's Theatre, just one of the many venues open last weekend during Perth Heritage Days 2016. Named after King Edward V11 reigning monarch of the time, the theatre opened it's doors on Christmas Eve 1904. You have seen 'bits' of His Maj before :) using my new semi fish-eye lens is the only way I can get the whole building into shot. Four storeys of Edwardian Baroque fabulousness, its crowning glory the painted dome, which was originally designed to slide open on a warm summer evening to allow the audience to enjoy the cooling breezes.. I would have loved to experience that! During major renovations in 1977 the dome was permanently sealed and redecorated to match it's original 1904 design..  

Below.. this way to the stage door.. the 'employees only' entrance to the theatre.  Have you ever waited for an autograph at the stage door? I never have.. wonder if it's too late :)

Loved the signs outside the 'ladies and gents', can just imagine the ladies standing at the mirrors below powdering their noses in the interval! I would have liked to take more shots in the auditorium, unfortunately not allowed as the stage was being set up for the latest production, The Pearl Fishers. I was lucky to get a quick shot of the dome before I was spotted :) Happy Thursday, take care and stay safe...   

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Gondolas on the Swan...

The city was full of surprises on Sunday, as well as Camels on Hay St. there were gondolas and steam paddle boats on the Swan River! A gondola gliding under a bridge is the only similarity to a gondola gliding under a bridge in Venice :) As opposed to the gentle flow of a narrow canal, the bridge in Elizabeth Quay leads out into the vast expanse of the Swan River, and on Sunday the wind was up and the waves choppy. Designed from original drawings of a traditional Venetian gondola, it was built here in Perth by the builder and wood carver who worked on the replica Duyfken , the hull made from solid Western Red Cedar, the stern-post (if you pull the shot in a bit) the head of the iconic Black Swan...

It was definitely 'hold on to your boater hat' weather :)

Ooops! That was close!

This would have been a Gondolas on the Swan fifteen minute trip because not long after, the gondola reappeared and entered the harbour..  albeit minus the hat :) A one hour trip is also on offer but the weather I think would have to be a bit kinder, in fact I might brave up and have a short trip on a warm summers day in a long flowing dress.. what do you think :) Happy Wednesday, take care and stay safe...

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Feral cats.. man's folly!

It's probable that cats were introduced into Australia by English settlers in the late 1700's. Intentionally introduced to control pests around gold dig sites in the 1800's they have since become a major pest themselves, contributing to the disappearance of many ground-living birds and mammals.. 'management difficult due to the lack of effective and humane control techniques'.  Modern day man can't escape adding to the problem by leaving pet cats behind when they move.. seriously how does one do that and sleep at night! I find the mural here by super talented Perth artist Sugar, found in a carpark just off Hay St. in Subiaco tres poignant, once more man has manipulated nature to suit his needs without thinking of the far reaching consequences! Happy Tuesday, take care and stay safe...
 See more Monday Murals from around the world here..


Monday, October 17, 2016

Camels... what camels!

Even though there was a lot going on in the city yesterday I was not expecting to see camels on Hay Street! The shot above made me smile.. the look on the camel's face as the gentleman sitting on its back was taking a selfie says it all :) As for the ladies below they didn't even noticed the string of camels crossing the road silently behind them.. too funny and at the same time a little surreal :)

As camel routes go this was a pretty easy gig for the camels of Calamunnda Camel Farm.. mounting up and crossing over Hay St. to Cathedral Square, below Council House in the far background on St. Georges Terrace, St. George's Cathedral and passing the new City of Perth Library back out on to Hay St..

'The grass is always greener' right.. there were definitely a few 'darn I wish I'd taken a camel' looks from the sightseeing bus.. I can't be sure for certain but I think there were more people on camels than on the bus :) Hope you've had/are still having a good weekend, take care and stay safe.. p.s. I bet you didn't expect to see camels here either did you :)

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